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What are the signs of alcohol addiction?

There are many ways in which alcohol addiction can present itself, but some of the potential symptoms or behaviours include:

  • # Drinking alone or in secret
  • # Choosing to spend time with other drinkers as it allows you to drink as much as you want without fear of judgement
  • # Joking about or talking about how you have a problem with alcohol
  • # Putting drinking before other obligations and justifying drinking to excess, even when you have work or commitments the next day
  • # Making excuses for drinking, saying that you need to drink to feel normal, to relax or because you are stressed due to work or family commitments
  • # Isolating from family and/or friends
  • # Suffering relationship issues due to drinking
  • # Having legal problems related to drinking, such as public drunkness or driving under the influence of alcohol
  • # Needing to drink to feel confident or relaxed
  • # Getting drunk when you do not intend to
  • # Deny or play down how much you drink, or getting angry when asked or confronted about your drinking
  • # Making loved ones worry about your drinking or behaviour when drinking

If you know that you suffer from one or more of these possible signs, it is not definitive proof of alcohol addiction, but it may be time to examine your drinking.

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